• Product Design
  • Software, Web apps and Mobile apps for EdTech
  • 2016


At Turnitin, I have been part of the ProctorExam team based in Amsterdam. ProctorExam, a Dutch startup acquired by Turnitin in early 2021, required UX design input. I joined in May 2021 as their first in-house designer, and I quickly began helping the Product Management team research, articulate and visualise our vision for what was to come for the product. This involved a lot of internal and external discovery research and liaising with teams across Turnitin to leverage expertise and industry knowledge.

Since joining Turnitin, I have led initiatives for different products with different levels of UX maturity. I facilitate workshops of different kinds, and I'm involved in the design process from research up to development, including overseeing design QA and measuring results.

I have been working independently within a UX organisation that works collaboratively to give and receive feedback. I've mentored junior designers and have been instrumental in hiring new team members.



  • Facilitated Internal Discovery workshops and research which went on to inform the Product Team's priorities and goals for 2022.
  • Led Product and Development sessions to agree and set OKRs for 2022.


  • Ran early-stage Usability research which allowed for timely iterations of a key project.
  • Conducted and documented internal discovery research for a variety of products and projects to create alignment and understanding internally on a variety of products, projects and processes.
  • Ran, analysed and documented user interviews to understand different aspects of different projects. Analysing, synthesising and presenting those finds has helped product, design and development efforts.


  • Rapid prototyping for quick feedback loops and timely iteration.
  • Build two Design systems for different products with different needs, and helped and advised during the creation of a company-wide design system.