• UX Design
  • E-commerce website
  • 2015


Tails.com is a subscription-based service that promises to deliver every month to your doorstep personalised food for your dog. It seems pretty straight forward, no? By the time I joined the team, I was tasked with figuring out why so many possible customers were dropping out at the beginning of the onboarding process.

To understand why this was happening, I used a combination of qualitative and quantitative data: I ran user interviews, headed usability testing panels which helped me understand how people saw the website, product and proposition, and used all kinds of analytics, acquisition and marketing tools to understand underlying issues of performance, time spent at specific points of the process, and more.

After this extensive research and analysing the existing website myself, I came to the conclusion that a few things needed to happen: I started by creating UX personas, using existing data provided by the sales and marketing teams. I then went on to suggest different technical improvements to the website, such as making sure it was optimised for responsive web standards, increasing font size, simplifying the onboarding process and compartmentalising it into easier to digest chunks of information, adding also touches of gamification to what is quite an extensive and time-consuming process.

The result was a revised visual design system, a new, easier-to-understand onboarding process, new user flows, created for specific personas, new acquisition and marketing strategies based on those newly created personas and, all of this together helped achieved an increased conversion rate, increased time on site, increased repeat purchases and increased ratings and reviews in the most important comparison sites in the UK.